At Moolou Vision, our focus is the story. Every successful campaign is driven by a well-told story that we can relate to and our goal is to assist you at telling yours to the world.

We take a cinematic approach to every project.

Moolou Vision is your one-stop shop for producing and distributing engaging content. We offer the highest quality work possible within your budget. Our highly experienced team will guide you through the entire process from development to distribution.



We ask you about your ideas and learn about who you are and what you do. This includes knowing your company history & culture, visions, goals, obstacles, expectations, the benefits you provide your customers, your target markets, budget, customer pain points, talking points, and call-to-actions.

We take all of this intelligence and discuss & brainstorm different possibilities internally within our creative team to meet your budget. Next we follow up to discuss ideas and concepts that may work perfectly with you.


This next phase is when we circle back with you to compare notes and present creative concepts for you to consider. We collaborate to transform your core messages and stories into video content. In addition we discuss our capabilities to help you distribute and analyze your video marketing efforts after it is produced.

Once we are aligned with the same vision, we can present accurate budgets for you to consider. After the budget has been approved, we can move forward with pre production.



Pre Production is where the logistics and creative planning begins. This may involve building timelines, performing pre-interviews, casting actors, etc. Don’t worry, we can handle everything and walk you easily through each step of the way. Everything that needs to be accomplished before the first shoot is accomplished during this phase.



Every client has a different campaign or project so this varies but this is when all of the filming takes place. We make sure everything is perfect. The lighting, the audio, the composition, the location. Many of our films involve candid interviews with characters who tell their story or perspective.


We have many techniques to get the best performance out of even the most dry characters. With that said, it doesn’t hurt to have your best spokesperson front and center to tell the story. If voice over is required, we have full scripting capabilities and an A-list of premium voice over talents available.


Once all the footage has been shot and any other additional elements have been gathered (still photography, archival footage, etc), we can begin the assembly of your story with editing. Every concept requires a different amount of post production time.


Extraordinary Value

Our professionals provide video services that create a quality end product that produces great results.

Strategic Vision

We are master planners who love to strategize and then follow through on the best ideas.

Quality Control

We follow a step-by-step process for each service we offer to ensure we meet your expectations.


We keep you in the loop throughout your project and welcome your feedback and participation!

Proven Processes

We follow standardized processes to deliver a quality, timely and on-budget product.

Fun To Work With

Not only do we create great content, we have fun doing it. Let's get this party started!

types of videos

  • Product Demos

  • How-To's

  • Explainers

  • Webinars

  • Training Videos

  • Social Videos

  • Customer Testimonials

  • Thought leadership

  • Digital Signage and Billboards

  • Documentaries

  • Public Service Announcements.

  • Vlogs

  • Web Series

  • Behind-The-Scenes and More!

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