Young Businesswomen


How do I make a great corporate video?

Have clear objectives. Write them down and be prepared to explain them to your team. Hire good a good production company or in-house team to execute your goals and then trust them to do a great job. Sounds easy and is with great communication!

How much should my video cost?

What’s your idea, where is it running, and how big is your company’s marketing budget? Only you can determine how much it makes sense to invest in your business project. Cost depends on the idea and the number of scenes, explosions and crew members required to get the job done. Give us a call and we can talk over your idea, your budget and how we can work with you to get your ideas on screen. Getting the best quality out of your budget is where our experience and expertise can be helpful.

How long will it take to produce my video?

Six to eight weeks is the average for a corporate video. Social videos usually need to be turned around much more quicker. We can move as quickly as you can. We find that usually, the most time-consuming part of making a commercial or video is the approval process on the client-side. If you give us the greenlight we can turn around your project extremely quickly.


Do you have any experience with ____?
You will often find 25 years or more combined production experience on a Moolou Vision set.  There’s at least two of us that have encountered a project like yours, a deadline just as ridiculous or expectations just as high. And many have more than a decade experience producing television and film content in the Atlanta market. That means we know how to make things happen here. No sweat.


Will you use __  piece of gear on my production?
We’ll be happy to use whatever you wish. We own some of the best production equipment available including cameras able to shoot in 4.5k resolution, more than 5 times the quality of standard 720 HD broadcast. This means we’re able to cost-effectively provide provide the highest quality lighting, sound and image capture available today. But if you have a passion for something else we can provide an estimate for that too.


Do You Travel?

Yes. We love to travel all around the world, provided that travel and lodging expenses are accounted for in the budget.

How do our rates compare to others?

We are not the most expensive, and we certainly are not the cheapest shop in town, however, we are able to maximize any budget and do more with less. Plus, our videos are super fun to make and watch.

I need video footage but don't need editing.

Yes. We can shoot content and hand over the unedited digital files to you, we do it all the time!

I have footage that needs editing.

Yes. We can edit your existing video footage. Reach out and we can get you a quote.

Do we film weddings?

Only if the couple is super chill. We will let you decide. Check out our work here.