A checklist for beginners shooting their own video

Updated: Mar 31

When it comes to recording a video, a lot of preparation is required for you to shoot a fantastic video. Most people end up giving up on their content creation dreams because they lack proper planning for the filming activities. You may ask yourself some questions as a beginner in the shooting industry, like, what do I need to make my own video successful? Or what should I do before and after film recording that will make my video a success? For your filming session to be successful as a beginner in video shooting, all you need to do is have a shooting checklist.

A shooting checklist is very important in your video filming because it helps you recall details that are supposed to be in the film if you forgot. For example, the materials to be used in a particular scene and the environment in which the video was to be shot.

What should be in a beginner’s checklist?

As a beginner in filming or shooting your own video, some basics must be on your checklist for the shooting season. These basics are:

1. 4k or 1080p Camera.

For the shooting of a video to occur, there must be a camera to take the recordings. You can choose either camera as a beginner; it might be your phone camera or any other DSLR video camera. The camera should be mounted on a tripod stand if you want to make steady films.

2. Lighting

While shooting your video, you should have proper lighting; the lighting may be artificial or natural light from the sun during the day. For an excellent video to be shot, adequate lighting is required.

3. Audio management

THE MOST IMPORTANT. A video without bad audio will not get watched. We suggest purchasing a shotgun microphone or lavalier mic to ensure crispy audio.

4. Written script and map of the shooting area

Also, do not forget to add a script to your checklist and the area of a different scene. What you are planned to say and where to display it should all be in your checklist if you want to have a successful video shoot as a beginner.

For this and much more information about the shooting and video production, feel free and welcome to contact us at www.moolouvisionproductions.com

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