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Moolou Vision increases brand awareness by bringing powerful-clever video marketing content to your business. Our real estate services makes it easy to get started creating videos that will get you to the closing table.


Check out our real estate video pricing below and let us know what questions you have.

Real Estate

Property Walkthrough Listing

$1,000.00 per hour

Walk your clients through their dream homes. Tell them everything they might want to know about the property and the neighborhood. 

****great for agents*****

Services Include:
Highlight Video of the listing
Aerial Shots
Video up to 2 Minutes
Branded & Unbranded
Custom Video Graphics
Royalty-Free Music
1-3 Day Turnaround
Includes Editing

Real Estate

Highlight Video Listing

$350.00 per listing

Show your potential clients what their home looks like while a simple yet effective video of the unit/home.

****most affordable*****

Services Include:
60-minute visit
1 - HD Highlight Video of the listing
Aerial Shots
Branded & Unbranded
Custom Video Graphics
Royalty-Free Music
1-3 Day Turnaround

Neighborhood highlight - $200.00
Custom Intro-Outros Creation - $200.00

Photos of the listing - $185.00

*Pricing is determined by the square footage of the property. Base level service is for properties up to 4000 square feet.

4000 sq. ft. - Standard

4000+ sq. ft. - additional $400.00

1/4 Acre 10,890 sq. ft. - additional $600.00

Modern Villa

Video gives you the power to share your listings with online audiences by providing visuals and compelling testimony not otherwise represented in your current marketing materials. Let us impress you the way your real estate videos will impress your audience.




Extraordinary Value

Our professionals provide video services that create a quality end product that produces great results.

Strategic Vision

We are master planners who love to strategize and then follow through on the best ideas.

Quality Control

We follow a step-by-step process for each service we offer to ensure we meet your expectations.


We keep you in the loop throughout your project and welcome your feedback and participation!

Proven Processes

We follow standardized processes to deliver a quality, timely and on-budget product.

Fun To Work With

Not only do we create great content, we have fun doing it. Let's get this party started!