How To Increase Your Sales (Part 1)

Here is the start of many blogs on how to increase your sales. Be sure to comment, share and execute these methods on a day to day basis.

How To Increase Your Sales

1. Allocate a small marketing budget! 

You might be on a small budget but you must invest money into marketing. What good is a business if no one is going to see it? Take care of legalities, establish your visual identity and then market! This is "the key" to more success.

2. Set goals! 

Set goals like doubling your followers, increasing monthly sales, increasing the amount of prospects you'll contact.  Whatever it is you market you should set daily, weekly and monthly goals. Writing these goals are important because they help you visualize what task you have to tackle and keep you on track. (I set notifications on my phone to help.)

3. Be aggressive!

Never take a day off, you can't afford it. Wake up meditate and visualize yourself tackling your day. Don't wait for opportunities, create them, many people think just because they have a cool website or post cool pictures clients will come spend money with them, wrong! Get out in teh places where your clients hang out and meet new people. You never know when you'll 


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