How to Increase Brand Awareness



Hello entrepreneurs! Some of you may be asking "what is brand awareness?" Brand awareness is the likelihood that consumers recognize the existence and availability of a company's product or service. Creating brand awareness is one of the first steps in promotion.



Let's get straight to the point. How can I increase my brand awareness to get more leads? Here's a few tips that will help you get started if you haven't started or want to continue to establish your brand over your competition. 

Create a Social Media Presence- It's free! 


As a business owner it is essential to have a social media presence. It's free marketing for your business, yes it is time consuming and yes there is a learning curve, get over it and sign up today. Some popular communities to get involved with - Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Snapchat. If you are a new business owner I would only signup to 2-3 platforms, the more accounts you have the more time consuming it is to continuously update your content. Network and promote! 


Create Local Partnerships


I believe this is one of the most under looked aspects of creating brand awareness. A lot of people at first want to do it all by themselves or are too shy and this can be a recipe for disaster. As a business owner you have to be social and connect with local businesses. This will only benefit both brands. In fact if it doesn't benefit both organizations then it probably isn't the right partnership. Be creative, prospect and reach out to someone in your area TODAY!


Develop Marketing Budget


As a business owner you must create a marketing budget. I don't care if it's $20 a month. There's a saying 'money makes money' it's true, apply it! Here's a few things you can spend your marketing dollars on: business cards, flyers, Facebook ads, Google ads, content creator, etc.. 


Tap into the Power of Video 


We are living in a visual era. Everyone has cellphones in their hand all day. Don't miss this opportunity to get in front of your target audience. Let your target audience know where your business stands. Create Public Relation videos that will give your target audience a behind the scenes view of your business development, this is a sure way to develop trust. Go live on FB, your customers will stem from who you know, you never know who will share and recommend your product or service. Put together a video production that will ensure you are producing quality content. Your image is key, we've all heard of the saying 'don't sell a dirty car'.


Thank you for reading! 

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Benefits of Brand Awareness: Customer Loyalty, Competitive Advantage, Increase Revenue