Sharpen Your Prospecting Skills

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Today’s topic is on prospecting. I’m sure this is old news to some, but I feel it is a very important topic for those who just started running a business and those who want to improve and gain more knowledge in the realm of prospecting. By definition, prospecting, is the search for customers and buyers. It’s important to be as efficient as possible when finding the right buyers. Prospecting can become time consuming, costly and even draining, so be sure to schedule your prospecting days ahead of time so that you don’t have to worry constantly about finding your next client.

Here are a few tips that will bring light or sharpen your prospecting skills.


Spend time targeting. 

Early in my business career I would find myself contacting and emailing everyone on my social media platforms to convince them to buy my services, not knowing I would end up talking to a lot of clients that in reality couldn’t afford my services. If I had done just a little research, like looking to see if the business or brand had an established and updated visual identity on the web, or had x amount of employees, then I would know that whomever in charge understood the importance of brand identity and generating income. If they didn’t have a website or social media presence or if it wasn’t updated regularly then I could tell that they might not be able to afford my services at that point in time. Target people like Vice Presidents, Director in Sales or assistants of these, that way you are speaking to the person(s) that has control over making the final decisions & that's cutting you a check.


Have a script for your introductions/cold calls.

If you are like me, then you hate scripts. But it's important to be ready when the time comes. It's goes something like that famous quote: Ready & Opportunity = success. I’ve heard time and time again from scholars like xxx, xxx and it has instilled in me that all the script is, is a foundation for your flow of the conversation. You have one end goal and that is to close the lead. There are tons of videos and article templates that go a long way if you are starting from scratch to make sure you are asking the right qualifying questions.. Here’s one of my latest favorite script videos​


Have a presentation ready to convince your client.

If you have a client sitting in front of you, you’re  already halfway there. Now you have to convince them on how you are a good fit for them and most importantly what’s the value of working with you. Be sure your presentation hits on all the pros of your product or service and try to think about your client's objections so that you can resolve them before they come up. Presentations are the perfect time to pull out all your best material and really wow and persuade your client BUT don’t forget the 80/20 rule. Let them speak 80% of them time. Once you’ve learned about their needs and wants let them know how your company will help them with their needs.


Just remember! If it's not a match, that's ok.


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This article was inspired by Victor Antonio.