March 23, 2019




Question: Do you Travel?

Answer: Yes. We have a network of crews on which we frequently rely to get things done in just about any city in the world.


Question: What software do you use? What cameras?

Answer: Final Cut Pro for editing and Adobe After Effects for graphics. Anything else would be uncivilized. Actually, we use whatever it takes and strongly believe in the old adage, “It ain’t the car, it’s the driver.”


The Panasonic GH5 is our favorite camera at the moment—we’re consistently amazed by the 4K quality we get from it. If you have a specialized need, we have a network of rental houses that can provide us with anything under the sun.


Question: How does Moolou Vision’s rates compare to video production firms in Atlanta, GA?

A: We are by far one of the most competitive pricing production companies. We try to maximize any budget and do more with less.


Question: Why are video crew rates broken down into full days and half-days? What if I only need 1 hour?

A: In our industry, the half-day and full day rates are standard. On any shoot, our crews put in a considerable amount of time developing a shot list, checking off shoot logistics, preparing equipment, transporting gear and setting up. Every shoot is a 4-hour commitment, minimum.


Question: Does Moolou Vision collaborate with others?

A: Yes! We frequently work with editors, copywriters and actors who aren’t part of our crew. If you have someone you like to work with—say, an editor—just let us know. If you have an existing script or idea, we’re happy to produce it. We’re flexible.


Question: Who owns the footage you shoot for me?

A: When we are hired to produce a project for our clients ,our clients own full rights to all FINAL and FINISHED video projects produced by Moolou Vision.


Question: As for Raw Footage: A lot of pre-production work and creative planning can go into a shoot and that work is worth something in the form of the raw footage. If the client wants to use it for another project with us...GREAT...there's certainly no charge for that. But if they want to take that footage to another entity and cut something different with it, there's certainly some sort of charge for providing that footage.


Unless Moolou Vision, LLC. is specifically contracted on a “WORK MADE FOR HIRE” basis the following rates for raw footage apply:

$1000/day of footage with rights fully granted to purchasing client

AND - $100/tape/digital file/job (based on day), $15/Tape, $150/Memory Card

*WORK FOR HIRE = An AMG Camera Operator or Crew will show up and you tell them everything to do. What to shoot, how to shoot it, and no Post-Production Services are agreed upon.


Question: What does an average shoot day schedule look like?

A: This a roughly what a full, 10 hour day looks like for a corporate video shoot:


  • 7:45AM – If shooting outside of our studio- Call time at Moolou Vision. Load gear into trucks and prepare for transport; 45 minutes.

  • 8:30AM – Arrive on location and set up; 1 hour 15 minutes.

  • 9:45AM – Shoot first interview; 30 minutes.

  • 10:15AM – Shoot second interview; 30 minutes.

  • 10:45AM – Shoot b-roll; 1 hour 45 minutes.

  • 12:30PM – Lunch; 1 hour.

  • 1:30PM – Break down gear and transport to a different location on the same corporate campus; 30 minutes.

  • 2:00PM – Arrive at new location and set up; 1 hour.

  • 3:00PM – Shoot third interview (we need a full hour here because this is our main interview); 1 hour.

  • 4:00PM – Shoot fourth interview; 30 minutes.

  • 4:30PM – Wrap. Break down gear and load into truck; 45 minutes.

  • 5:15PM – Drive back to  AMG Studios; 30 minutes.

  • 5:45PM – Transport gear into the equipment room, dump footage (read: transfer digitally recorded video onto a hard drive) and take inventory; 45 minutes.

  • 6:30PM – Head home.

Question: What should I expect in terms of turnaround times?

A: Every project is different, but we typically complete projects within 5-7 Business Days. If your project is simple and straightforward, we’ll finish it closer to the 5 Days. If it has a lot of graphics, custom music and/or must go through an approval committee, you’re probably looking at 1-3 weeks. Our schedule is also a factor, so sometimes we’re able finish projects sooner than normal.


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